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Massive Snowfall and Flooding Brings Into Question Safety of Some Boston Residents

The east coast of the United States was warned of a heavy snowfall in late January. Thankfully, many of the predictions were not fully accurate and the effects of the snowstorm weren’t as widespread as originally thought. And while some areas were left relatively unscathed, Massachusetts got hit with up to three feet of snow while simultaneously dealing with flooding issues.

Ocean Street in the Boston area was left dealing with double trouble as an ocean wall breach flooded the streets around the same time as the snowstorm. At least 12 homes were seriously damaged, with some residents saying that flooding is becoming far too routine in that area—up to twice a year for the past few years, according to some members of the community.

Floods Cause More than Just Water DamageWater damage restoration

Dealing with floods is more than just water damage restoration; after all, you can lose power, food, and access to your home for an undetermined period of time. This can mean either spending money on another temporary dwelling, like a hotel, or moving in unexpectedly with friends or family, which can be uncomfortable for both groups.

The problems of flooding around the Marshfield region of the Boston area seem to stem from the rising sea levels. Options for solutions are being considered as of this writing, including petitioning FEMA for elevation grants, which would raise the houses above flooding levels.

Conducting water damage restoration after a massive storm like the one in Massachusetts is a huge undertaking. As professionals, GTA Property Services Group Inc. would handle the job quickly and thoroughly so families in the area can get back to regular living, as people tend to get more distressed the longer they’re forced to be away from their homes. Visit the GTA Property Services Group Inc. web site for more details on the restoration services we offer.


Malone, S., “Flooding leaves mess in Massachusetts after storm,” Toronto Sun, January 28, 2015;

GTA Property Services Group Inc., the Leading Cleaning and Restoration Service Provider in the GTA, Weighs in on Recent Water Damage Claims

GTA Property Services Group Inc. (, the leading cleaning company in Vaughan specializing in water damage restoration and cleanup, is weighing in on the nature of the multiple water damage claims it responded to on the coldest day of the New Year.

On Tuesday, January 13, Toronto and the GTA experienced the coldest day of 2015 so far, with the wind chill dropping the temperatures to a frigid –30 degrees. On this day, GTA Property Services Group Inc. had to respond to multiple calls for service. (Source: Kauri, V., “Extreme Cold Weather Alert Extended as TO Has Coldest Day of 2015,”, January 13, 2015;

“Our emergency crew was all over the GTA responding to calls about water damage,” says Chad Vanvari, owner of GTA Property Services Group Inc. “Many of the claims we responded to were a result of frozen or burst pipelines that cracked because of the extreme cold weather.”

Mr. Vanvari explains that the team was called to several locations, including a large condo building, a commercial building in downtown Toronto, an elevator pit flooding, and one of the more difficult calls to deal with, a large, three-bedroom home in Pickering that had damage in every room.

“Responding in an efficient time frame is key,” he adds. “Upon arriving on-site, the team proceeded with water extraction before tearing out all the affected building material. The situation was then quickly assessed by the team, who came up with solutions to get the situation back under control so the affected families and businesses could go back to functioning normally again.”

Mr. Vanvari observes that extreme cold weather presents many hazardous side effects that home and building owners should be aware of. That’s why it is important to be connected to a company like GTA Property Services Group Inc. in order to be prepared when an emergency does present itself.

“You just never know what can happen,” Mr. Vanvari concludes. “Meteorologists do their best to predict the weather, but when something unpredictable happens, it’s always best to be prepared.”

GTA Property Services Group Inc. specializes in emergency water damage repair and many more emergency services. Visit the web site at for more information.

How to Get Rid of Mould and Mildew

Cleaning mould and mildew once they take hold in your home may seem daunting, but mould removal, if done properly and early, is actually fairly easy. However, if the issue is extensive, it is recommended that you call professional mould services, as they have the proper resources.

That said, many homeowners may not see the need to remove mould and mildew, especially if there’s only a little. However, everyone, from health professionals to mould removal services, will tell you that even a little mould or mildew can lead to serious health issues. Both also have strong odours and are unpleasant to look at.

Mould and mildew can also affect the structure of your home by consuming organicMould removal materials; while the two are both part of the fungi kingdom and necessary to many natural processes, you don’t need them damaging your residence.

If you recently had a flood in your home, it is imperative to get your basement dried out properly immediately following the flood because mould and mildew thrive in moist environments.

How Does Mould Affect Your Home?

While mould and mildew are typically pictured in basements, they can appear anywhere in a building. For instance, if your roof develops a leak, mould can develop in the insulation. They can also affect the glue that is used to bond carpet, drywall, and wallpaper.

Mould and mildew also feed on dust and dirt; while they won’t rot the wood in your home, the look is extremely unsightly. Since mould and mildew need moisture to thrive, it is recommended that you fix any issues with humidity in your residence.

How to Prevent Mould

While you should call for professional mould removal services immediately when necessary, there are additional steps you can take to prevent mould in your home. For instance, you can seal a leaky air conditioning unit with duct tape and make sure the condensation pan on your central unit is emptied frequently or use wall coverings that don’t trap moisture. In addition, make sure there’s a drainage point near a washing machine in case of an overflow or burst pipe and provide ventilation in your bathroom when showering. Finally, perform regular inspections of your roof as well.

If you notice mould in your home, call GTA Property Services Group Inc. for professional mould removal services. We offer mould and mildew removal at an affordable price and use only the best tools and materials.


“How to Combat Mould and Mildew,” The Family Handyman web site;, last accessed January 19, 2015.

Reasons for Professional Carpet Cleaning

It may be winter, but that doesn’t mean that allergens can’t still lurk in your carpets and rugs. Vacuuming regularly can go a long way towards keeping them clean and free of allergens, but a regular professional cleaning is recommended, especially during the winter, when your office will turn into a sealed environment for four to five months.

Clean floors protect employees with allergies or respiratory ailments from having reactions. This will also help your office to smell better; most cleaning companies use a gentle carpet cleaner that won’t overwhelm anyone with a sensitive nose.

In addition to allowing everyone at your workplace to breathe easy, professional carpet cleaning has a number of benefits.

Professional Equipment

Vacuuming once a week will only do so much; a professional carpet cleaner, however, uses powerful machines to remove dust, dirt, and other allergens. Additionally, professionals use gentle, eco-friendly cleaning materials out of respect for clients and employees with a high sensitivity to cleaning chemicals.

Clean Carpets Mean a Better ImageCarpet Cleaning

Believe it or not, your carpets and rugs send an important message about your business, and if they look dirty, potential clients and visitors may just get the wrong impression. That’s why regular cleanings are recommended, especially during the winter, when your employees will bring in salt and dirt from outside. A professional cleaner will take care of unsightly salt stains as well as any other dirt brought in from outside throughout the year.

Preserves Your Carpet

Regular carpet cleaning can greatly extend the life of your carpet, especially if performed by the experts. Having carpeting replaced is a costly and time-consuming process that can lead to disruptions in your office; however, a professional carpet cleaner will use equipment and materials that will keep your carpets and rugs looking as good as the day they were installed.

Cuts Down on Sick Days

Carpets can hold germs, viruses, and bacteria for many days. In addition to your employees taking proper precautions like washing their hands and staying at home if they feel sick, regular rug and carpet maintenance can greatly reduce any chance of illness.

At GTA Property Services Group Inc., the professional carpet cleaning provider for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area, we realize that even the best looking carpet can show signs of wear and tear after a few years. That’s why we recommend having your carpet cleaned regularly, especially in high traffic areas in your office.

Whether you’re just looking for a basic cleaning or you want to have a carpet or rug restored to its former glory, we provide these services and more using only the best equipment, techniques, and cleaning materials. At GTA Property Services Group Inc., we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach for carpet cleaning, instead creating a solution that is ideally suited to your environment!

GTA Property Services Group Inc., the Leading Cleaning and Restoration Service in the GTA, Announces Hiring of New Business Development Consultant

GTA Property Services Group Inc. (, the leading cleaning company in Vaughan specializing in water damage restoration and cleanup, is proud to announce the hiring of Marty McGrath as its new Business Development Consultant.

“It’s always an exciting time to welcome someone new to our team,” says Chad Vanvari, owner of GTA Property Services Group Inc. “But to bring someone in who is the calibre of Marty is huge for us. We couldn’t be happier with this hire.”

In addition to his over 20 years of experience in business development, McGrath has close ties and relationships with the cleaning and restoration industry. These connections will be valuable, as McGrath will be focusing on account management.

“We’re expecting a lot out of Marty,” Vanvari adds. “His connections to the industry mean he already knows how to handle clients and we’ll be looking to him to expand our client base by targeting new customers.”

Vanvari explains that those targets are expected to be property managers, janitorial companies, and other potential commercial clients. The company is confident in McGrath’s skills and expects him to make a smooth adjustment and quickly become a valued asset for the team.

“One of our primary goals this winter is to always improve on our emergency flood services for businesses and to increase the number of businesses that we provide these services to,” he notes. “Marty will help us in both areas and really make us a better company overall.”

“The addition of Marty McGrath was much needed and having someone to focus squarely on account management will make everyone else’s job much easier,” Vanvari concludes. “All our staff members are happy to have Marty be a part of the GTA Property Services Group Inc. team and we welcome him to the family.”

The GTA Property Services Group Inc. web site has more information on the services the company provides. Visit the site or call 416-926-9595 to see how GTA Property Services Group Inc. can help businesses this winter.

Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Snow Removal Contractor

For many businesses, snow removal is an essential service. But with so many providers of snow removal for businesses, you may be wondering how to find the right one.

Snow removal contractors know the importance of keeping a business’ parking lot maintained during the winter and that most property owners want it to be as stress-free a process as possible. Keeping this in mind, if you’re looking into commercial snow removal services, there are a few things you should consider before you hire a contractor:

Get an Estimate First

The cost of commercial snow removal often depends on the size of the snowfall, as many contractors may charge extra if it is over a certain depth. The price will also depend on the size of your property, the layout, and whether they will just need to clear snow or if ice removal, salting, and/or sanding will be required as well. You may be tempted to go for the most affordable service, but remember the old saying about getting what you pay for.

Ask if There Will Be Additional Charges

Even if the contractor quotes you a flat rate, find out if there are any additional charges; many snow removal providers may charge extra following a large storm, by the inch once snow reaches a certain depth, and/or if they have to return. However, there are also companies that Snow Removaloffer services at a fixed rate, regardless of the size of a snowfall. Shop around to find a provider that fits your budget and needs.

Know the Services You Are Receiving

When looking into snow removal companies, find out what services they provide. Snow removal for businesses can include everything from clearing, salting, and sanding your front walk to clearing your parking lot. Also determine what they charge for each service you are interested in.

Additionally, you should find out if the contractor you hire will clear snow from your property before or during a snowstorm and if they can also remove snow from your building’s roof.

Ask for References or Testimonials

Professional snow removal companies will be more than happy to provide any testimonials, usually on their web site. You should also turn to social media and find out what customers are saying about the quality of their services; this is also a great way to find out about any specials or discounts they may be offering.

Get a Contract in Writing

Don’t agree to snow removal services over the phone; many businesses will (and should) provide their clients with a written agreement and will typically send a representative to your property to provide an assessment as well. And before you sign on the dotted line, find out if the contractor is properly insured and whether you can terminate the contract at any time.

Finally, you should expect the contractor you hire to arrive within a reasonable amount of time following a storm. But note that, just like everyone else, they will need to drive with extra caution following a storm.

As the top provider of snow removal for businesses, GTA Property Services Group Inc. will make every effort to arrive at your property within a reasonable amount of time following a major snowfall and make sure that your parking lot and front steps are cleared by the time your employees and first customers arrive. We provide commercial snow removal at an affordable cost.

Owen, K., “6 Tips You Need to Know Before Hiring a Snow Removal Contractor,” Better Business Bureau web site, January 3, 2014;

How to Protect Your Business from Snow

The holiday shopping season starts at the same time temperatures start to drop and snow starts to fly, meaning the retail sector is doubtlessly starting to see an increased flow of traffic both on foot and in cars. These conditions make snow removal vital for businesses.

As a business owner, you can be held responsible for any accidents that occur on your property because of snow or ice that was not removed. This is why commercial snow removal is important for anyone who owns a property with a retail or office space, especially during the extra busy holiday season.

There are many advantages to professional snow removal for businesses; one is that it allows you to focus on your work during this busy time of year by having someone else handle the snow. Here are some other benefits:

Keep Your Property Free of Snow and De-Iced
Your business keeps you busy, let someone else stay on top of clearing snow and ice. When you hire the professionals for commercial snow removal, they will be at your property quickly following a storm and will have the snow cleared and your parking lot and sidewalks de-iced before customers and employees arrive.

Encourage Safe Driving
commercial snow removal Clearing snow is just one of the many steps you can take to ensure that your employees and customers stay safe during the winter. While driving with extra caution during the winter is second nature for Canadians, putting up signs reminding people to take care is an extra step you can take to prevent any accidents due to inclement weather.

Commercial Snow Removal Companies Know the Right Types of Salt
You may think that all types of salt used for de-icing are the same, but some salts can be harsh on plants, surfaces, and the feet of pets. While it’s best to leave snow removal up to the professionals, de-icing your front walk is one of the tasks you can easily take on yourself. Putting down a layer of salt before it snows will create a protective barrier and prevent ice from forming; a salt containing magnesium chloride is a good choice.

Professional Snow Removal for Businesses Handles Heavy Accumulation
There’s only so much you can do with a shovel or snowblower. If your property has a large parking lot, commercial snow removal companies have the equipment necessary to handle it easily and efficiently with minimal disruption to your business.

In addition to snow, the cold temperatures also bring an increased risk of pipes bursting, which, in turn, can increase the risk of flooding. To prevent this, take the simple precaution of opening any indoor valves that connect to hose bibs outside and allowing them to drain. You should also keep the temperature the same overnight to prevent pipes from freezing, and any pipes located in areas that are not heated should be insulated. These steps will save you money in the long run by preventing pipes from bursting and causing damage.

GTA Property Services Group Inc. offers commercial snow removal at an affordable price. Our highly trained professionals will arrive at your property immediately following a significant snowfall and have it removed quickly. And should the unthinkable happen and a pipe bursts, call us and we will clean up quickly and efficiently—again, at an affordable price!

GTA Property Services Group Inc. Releases Comments on Extreme Snowstorm in Buffalo

GTA Property Services Group Inc. (, the leading cleaning company in Vaughan specializing in water damage restoration and cleanup, is releasing its comments on the recent snowstorm that hit the Buffalo area. GTA Property Services Group Inc. points out that the Toronto area needs to use this storm as a reminder to constantly be prepared for the unexpected.

Last week, Buffalo was hit with more than two metres of snow, the equivalent of what the city would typically see in an entire year. The storm left 10 dead and many more injured and inconvenienced, as a driving ban was placed on parts of South Buffalo. (Source: The Associated Press, “Buffalo snow: ‘Shovel brigade’ cleans up as flood warning looms,” November 24, 2014;

“It’s one of the worst snowfalls that city has seen and it left some devastating effects,” says Chad Vanvari, owner of GTA Property Services Group Inc. “People lost their lives and many more lives were impacted in a horrible way.”

Mr. Vanvari goes on to say that, although the snow has passed, the threat of snow melting and causing floods is very serious, constituting another huge issue the city is handling.

“Basement flooding, roofs collapsing, and overall street flooding are huge concerns. Having all that snow melt can cause some serious problems and residents of the city still need to be on high alert. Judging from all the reports, it seems the city is doing all it can to keep the residents informed.”

To prepare for any similar situation here in the GTA, Mr. Vanvari says his focus this time of year is on emergency flood and restoration services. Once the emergency phase is completed—meaning water has been dried out and wet building materials removed (if necessary) —clients now have the option to complete the restoration process and have their property returned to its original state through the repair and renovation phase.

“It’s a chance to utilize the relationships we’ve developed with people in flooring, tile, painting, drywall, and other industries involved in home building and restoration,” Mr. Vanvari continues. “And we get to really help our clients from start to end; from the initial emergency call to the entire restoration of their home.”

GTA Property Services Group Inc. takes pride in being a full-service cleaning and restoration company. Learn more about GTA Property Services Group Inc. here.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation: The Top Choice for Retirees in Toronto and the GTA

With more and more seniors choosing to stay in their homes rather than downsizing to a condominium or retirement community, home renovations are growing in popularity amongst baby boomers, with kitchen and bathroom renovation being popular, especially in Toronto. However, many retirees in the Greater Toronto Area are on a reduced income and thus seeking kitchen and bathroom renovation at an affordable price.

According to a study by the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation, 85% of adults over 55 are choosing to stay at home, even if their health changes. The Government of Ontario has introduced the Healthy Home Tax Credit to assist seniors with redoing kitchens and bathrooms so that they can improve the safety of their and bathroom renovation

With the increasing number of retirees, there’s been a spike in kitchen and bathroom renovation in Toronto and the GTA as seniors are looking to turn their homes into a safe yet comfortable environment that doesn’t resemble a hospital or nursing home.

If done properly, a remodelled kitchen or bathroom will seamlessly integrate safety and accessibility features into your home at a competitive price. And since the bathroom can be a common site for slip and fall injuries, this should be the first room you look to have safety features installed in. Proper lighting is another essential step for improving safety, and having the necessary fixtures to keep both rooms well lit should be part of your kitchen and bathroom renovation plans; this will minimize the likelihood of slip and fall injuries in the bathroom and make traversing the kitchen easier.

Being able to prepare one’s own meals is an important part of retaining independence as we age, and renovations can make everything in your kitchen easier to access. Having to reach or bend to access shelves and cupboards can place strain on your back and knees—something having your kitchen remodelled can remedy.

If you’re a retiree looking to renovate your kitchen and/or bathroom, a home reno contractor can provide tips on your best options for making these rooms more accessible and safe. A contractor can suggest the best materials for customizing and restoring any part of your home while accounting for your budget, regardless of whether it’s a minor upgrade or a full reno.

Whether you’re someone in your golden years who wants to make your home meet your evolving needs or you’re looking for a great Christmas present for your parents, renovating the kitchen and/or bathroom is an excellent idea. Call GTA Property Services Group today for the best and most affordable kitchen and bathroom renovation in Toronto and the GTA.

GTA Property Services Group Inc, the Leading Cleaning and Restoration Service in the GTA, Acknowledges Staff and Managers for Involvement in Charity

GTA Property Services Group Inc. (, the leading cleaning company in Vaughan specializing in water damage restoration and cleanup, is thanking all staff for their active participation in helping give back to charities throughout the year.

“We believe strongly in giving back to the community and are involved in many charities,” says Chad Vanvari, owner of GTA Property Services Group Inc. “We give regularly to Canadian charities and our management team attended several charity golf tournaments this year.”

This year, GTA Property Services Group Inc. participated in and contributed to the 12th annual Federated Health Charities Golf Tournament, as well as to Camp Trillium and the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation via the Tee Up Against Cancer golf tournament.

“With our expertise in providing emergency flood services in Toronto, we know the impact of what these charities do and how they affect people’s lives,” Vanvari explains. “That’s because we’re involved in an industry where we help people in a very direct way. Providing emergency flood services in Toronto is a job that takes great skill, but also great empathy and sensitivity; that’s something we share with charities and why we’re so passionate about giving back.”

The charity events in which GTA Property Services Group Inc. took part have stretched the duration of the year, from spring until as recently as October. Vanvari observes that the company’s staff has to be thanked for putting in time and effort beyond what they’re expected to do.

“It really shows their passion. We ask so much of our staff, and in reality, just doing their job is enough,” he adds. “Coordinating emergency flood services in Toronto with all our other services and then still finding time to attend these charity events is not an easy task.”

Vanvari pledges that the company will continue being a regular contributor to multiple Canadian charities and hopes other businesses that have been fortunate enough to have success do the same.

“If you’re lucky enough to have some success at what you’re passionate about, then share some of that success any way you can,” Vanvari concludes. “Our time and donations go a long way to helping these charities save and change lives.”

GTA Property Services Group Inc. is a cleaning company offering services in emergency water removal, water damage cleanup, sewage backup cleaning, mould removal, commercial carpet cleaning, and snow removal, among other cleaning services not mentioned. As a full-service cleaning company, GTA Property Services Group Inc. also handles interior renovations, as well as after construction cleaning, janitorial services, and sanitizing and deodorizing. GTA Property Services Group Inc. employs a team of professionals who are experienced and capable to handle even the most extreme weather damage and restoration projects. The company offers peace of mind in high-stress circumstances and utilizes skilled service professionals to execute proper cleaning and restoration to residential and commercial properties. For more information, contact GTA Property Services Group Inc. today at 416-926-9595 or visit the web site at