Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Snow Removal Contractor

For many businesses, snow removal is an essential service. But with so many providers of snow removal for businesses, you may be wondering how to find the right one.

Snow removal contractors know the importance of keeping a business’ parking lot maintained during the winter and that most property owners want it to be as stress-free a process as possible. Keeping this in mind, if you’re looking into commercial snow removal services, there are a few things you should consider before you hire a contractor:

Get an Estimate First

The cost of commercial snow removal often depends on the size of the snowfall, as many contractors may charge extra if it is over a certain depth. The price will also depend on the size of your property, the layout, and whether they will just need to clear snow or if ice removal, salting, and/or sanding will be required as well. You may be tempted to go for the most affordable service, but remember the old saying about getting what you pay for.

Ask if There Will Be Additional Charges

Even if the contractor quotes you a flat rate, find out if there are any additional charges; many snow removal providers may charge extra following a large storm, by the inch once snow reaches a certain depth, and/or if they have to return. However, there are also companies that Snow Removaloffer services at a fixed rate, regardless of the size of a snowfall. Shop around to find a provider that fits your budget and needs.

Know the Services You Are Receiving

When looking into snow removal companies, find out what services they provide. Snow removal for businesses can include everything from clearing, salting, and sanding your front walk to clearing your parking lot. Also determine what they charge for each service you are interested in.

Additionally, you should find out if the contractor you hire will clear snow from your property before or during a snowstorm and if they can also remove snow from your building’s roof.

Ask for References or Testimonials

Professional snow removal companies will be more than happy to provide any testimonials, usually on their web site. You should also turn to social media and find out what customers are saying about the quality of their services; this is also a great way to find out about any specials or discounts they may be offering.

Get a Contract in Writing

Don’t agree to snow removal services over the phone; many businesses will (and should) provide their clients with a written agreement and will typically send a representative to your property to provide an assessment as well. And before you sign on the dotted line, find out if the contractor is properly insured and whether you can terminate the contract at any time.

Finally, you should expect the contractor you hire to arrive within a reasonable amount of time following a storm. But note that, just like everyone else, they will need to drive with extra caution following a storm.

As the top provider of snow removal for businesses, GTA Property Services Group Inc. will make every effort to arrive at your property within a reasonable amount of time following a major snowfall and make sure that your parking lot and front steps are cleared by the time your employees and first customers arrive. We provide commercial snow removal at an affordable cost.

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Leonard Nutt

Leonard Nutt is a Field Supervisor at GTA Property Services Group Inc., a company providing 24/7 emergency disaster restoration services specializing in fire & water damage throughout the Greater Toronto Area. He has over 25 years of experience within the cleaning and restoration industry and an extensive background in construction management.