RubanVettivel (01.17.2011)

You guys were great, thanks for responding so quickly to my emergency.I can’t believe you guys got all that water out from my basement so quickly and were able to dry all my walls within a couple of days. Your expertise in helping me understand the importance of starting the service immediately to prevent further damage and to communicate my concerns to my insurance company helped me get compensated for the damages to my personal belongings while avoiding a complete catastrophe to my property. Thanks again!

 Larry Smiley (05.23.2012)

When my insurance company denied my claim I was desperate for help, I had no idea how I was going to clean up such a huge mess and I thought for sure I would have some serious mould problems because the insurance did not send anyone to help me or at least put in the big flood dryers to prevent mould. I found your website online and called for help; not only did your guys show up right away they also brought all the equipment needed to do the work. The person in charge took readings with his moisture tester and explained what he said was the water damage standard for cleaning of floods. I was offered a discount on the services because I had no insurance coverage, everything was explained to me and the crew did the work that evening. Finally I got a call from the president, Chad who actually took the time to come and see me himself, we went over my insurance booklet together and he raised some concerns about my claim being denied. When I paid the cleaning and drying bill I showed it to my insurance broker and went over my booklet with him, I was then able to get paid for my damages from my insurance company. Thanks to the help from GTA my place was cleaned up right away and Iwas reimbursed.

Thomas Kaprelios (07.11.2013)

This summer we were the unfortunate victims of the July 8th flooding in Toronto. We were affected by the worst storm I have ever seen in our area, and as a result my newly renovated basement got flooded with a sewage backup. When I called our insurance company they told me I had complete coverage which was great but  it would probably be a couple of days before the restoration company could get to cleaning up the mess at my home because of the volume of calls from our area. I started to get some of my belongings out that I could salvage as the water started to recede down the drain, but realized that my whole basement would rot out if I did not do something right away,and the smell was unbearable. I called GTA Property Services Group and they arrived with a cleaning crew within a couple of hours and they were presentable, knowledgeable and had some really impressive equipment with them. They used a truck installed steam machine to extract the sludge and steam sanitized the whole area, put dryers and gave me a full report. They dealt directly with my insurance company allowing me to get back to my daily routine and not worry about the handling of the insurance claim. In the end everything was done professionally and done right away. Thank you GTA Property Service Group. I would recommend your company tenfold to anyone who experiences a flood.