Odour Control

Many times after disaster strikes and even after clean-up is completed odours can linger and become a persistent problem. At GTA Property Services Group we understand that each odour problem is unique and therefore requires a unique strategy. Whether its fire, smoke, trauma or biohazard contamination, mould or mildew and gas or garbage odours, we will use the latest technology available to thoroughly eliminate the source of the odours.

These offensive odours can originate from a number of sources and sometimes identifying and eliminating them is not a simple process. In order to ensure you use the most effective strategy to eliminate odour, it is important to leave serious odour problems to the professionals.

At GTA Property Services Group. we use a variety of methods to control odours including wet fogging, thermal fogging, vapour sharks, air scrubbers and activated charcoal.


Wet fogging rapidly creates an even mist over surfaces and is ideal for larger areas such as basements, apartments, RVs or even boat interiors. It is used when spraying manually and is not very practical for hard to reach spots.

Vapour Sharks, Air Scrubbers and Activated Charcoal

The above methods are simple and effective ways of reducing odoursand are commonly used during disaster restoration jobs. The Vapour Shark has an electrical blower that distributes air across a series of membranes that contain an odour suppressant. Air scrubbers use a multi-stage filtration process that removes everything from visible particles, such as sawdust to microscopic microbes like bacterial and fungal spores (via use of a HEPA filter). Activated Charcoals (carbon adsorption filters) will effectively remove common organic odours.

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