Have Mould Removed Before Winter Arrives

Mould: just the sound of the word is unpleasant. But as GTA Property Services Group Inc. tells their clients, mould is more than a nasty-sounding word; it can cause a variety of health issues, especially if anyone in your family suffers from any respiratory ailments, such as asthma, or are prone to infections.

And with winter right around the corner, many homes are going to turn into sealed environments over the next few months. You want to be sure that your family will be able to breathe easily during the winter, so call us for the best mould removal in the GTA.

With the heavy rains the Greater Toronto Area experienced this summer, many basements were left flooded. Despite your best efforts to clean your basement following a flood, mould may have developed. But don’t worry, because we provide thorough mould removal in the GTA that will completely eradicate all traces of mould in your home.

Now that the weather is getting cooler, you’ve doubtlessly closed all your windows and switched on your furnace. Your home may be nice and warm, but as a side effect, mould can form due to moisture in rooms that are not properly ventilated or a failure to seal your windows properly.

To prevent this, we recommend having your furnace and ductwork cleaned regularly, as well as making sure that your windows are sealed properly. Adding weather stripping also goes a long way towards preventing moisture in your home during the winter.

It may be cold and flu season, but the bugs that traditionally make the rounds at this time of year may not be to blame for stuffy noses, irritated eyes, and trouble breathing. People who are allergic to mould often experience difficulty breathing and those with weakened immune systems may experience frequent lung infections. If you suspect you have mould in your home, call us for mould removal in the GTA.

If you notice any discoloured spots on your walls or ceiling where there was water damage or there are signs of mould developing, call us immediately; the sooner you can get it removed, the better. If there’s any persistent musty or earthy odours in your home, don’t take any chances and call us for mould removal in the GTA.

When it comes to preventing mould, if your basement has experienced any flooding, we strongly recommend having it cleaned and dried immediately following the flood by a professional flood cleanup company. GTA Property Services Group Inc. provides efficient post-flood cleanup and will completely dry your home or business, preventing mould from developing.

Spring is a long way off, so don’t leave your family breathing mouldy air this winter. Call GTA Property Services Group Inc. for the best mould removal in the GTA so your home will have clean air in addition to being warm this winter!

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Leonard Nutt

Leonard Nutt is a Field Supervisor at GTA Property Services Group Inc., a company providing 24/7 emergency disaster restoration services specializing in fire & water damage throughout the Greater Toronto Area. He has over 25 years of experience within the cleaning and restoration industry and an extensive background in construction management.