Face Old Man Winter with Commercial Snow Removal in Toronto and Mississauga

It’s something that you may not want to start thinking about, but planning ahead is wise when it comes to commercial snow removal in Toronto and surrounding areas, including Vaughan.

Because of its proximity to Lake Ontario, Toronto often experiences heavy snow accumulation due to lake-effect snow, making commercial snow removal especially important in the area. Meteorologists are predicting that winter 2014–2015 will be a repeat of a year prior for Toronto; the frigid temperatures, heavy snow, and ice are doubtlessly still fresh in your mind. By hiring a reputable commercial snow removal company, you’ll be ready to face everything that Old Man Winter throws at you.

Commercial snow removal Toronto

Even if we’re spared a repeat of last winter, it’s still better to be prepared. As business owners, we realize how important it is to have your driveway, parking lot, and pathways cleared before your customers and employees arrive for the day; that’s why we make the effort to be at your commercial property quickly following a snowstorm.

Having snow and ice cleared from your commercial property is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that you, as a property owner, can be held responsible for any accidents that occur due to snow and ice that is not cleared properly.

Having snow removed promptly is also a courtesy to your customers and employees. Regardless of whether your property is a shopping mall with a large parking lot or a small office building, we will plow your driveway and parking lot, then salt it so it’s ready by the time your first employee or customer arrives. And don’t worry; we use only the best equipment at an affordable rate.

Even after we have cleared your business property, there are steps you can take to ensure that your walkway stays clear of snow. For instance, even if there is only a light dusting of snow, you should still make sure that snow is cleared. Simplify clearing it by keeping a shovel in a storage closet and rotating the employees responsible for clearing snow if you don’t have maintenance staff. Also be sure to keep a supply of quality salt on hand and try to arrive to the office early so you can scatter it around your front walk before everyone arrives.

Most business owners are already starting to plan ahead in regards to commercial snow removal in the Toronto and Vaughan areas, so we’re already starting to see an increase in calls. Don’t get left behind; call GTA Property Services Group Inc. today so you’ll be prepared once the snow arrives.

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Leonard Nutt

Leonard Nutt is a Field Supervisor at GTA Property Services Group Inc., a company providing 24/7 emergency disaster restoration services specializing in fire & water damage throughout the Greater Toronto Area. He has over 25 years of experience within the cleaning and restoration industry and an extensive background in construction management.